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FREE IT Recycling for Schools, Business & Household

We are one of the leading computer recycling and refurbishing company for schools, businesses and household redundant IT equipment in Leeds and West Yorkshire. With over 18 years in computer recycling and asset disposal;

Ycs Computers is a trusted community Interest Company, with over 18 years in computer recycling and disposal through our dedicated Skills Centre. We offer Free IT Audit and computer disposal service completely free of charge, allowing you to free up your storage space and dispose of redundant IT equipment you no longer need.

All your equipment is processed by us in an environmentally friendly manner so you can be confident you'll be boosting your green credentials and complying with all the relevant legislation.

When it comes to IT recycling Ycs Computers is one of the market leaders in Leeds & West Yorkshire; you can be assured that any redundant IT equipment you hand over to Ycs Computers whether for re-marketing or recycling; it will be handled in the most secure and environmentally sound manner possible.

Reasons to recycle to Ycs Computers:

WEEE Certified

Ycs Computers is a registered Waste Carrier/Broker/Dealer with the Environment Agency and also holds the T11 exemption, which allows us to recycle your equipment. Ycs Computers is also accredited by the regional electronics initiative (REI). REI are an independent body who have set the industry standard in IT asset recycling.  Being one of a select number of certified companies with REI,

Securely Handled

Ycs Computers understands the importance of data security and therefore; all Ycs employees are DBS checked, fully uniformed and carry photo ID. Once collected, equipment is never left unattended and is transported in our Vans until it reaches Ycs Computers processing facility, where equipment is processed for disposal immediately upon arrival.

Hard Disk Wiping

All hard drives collected by Ycs Computers are wiped as part of our standard recycling process. Using one of the best data wiping software tools, including wipe drive pro 5, the official standard to which Ycs Computers wipe disks is ‘DoD 5220.22-M  (Enhanced Wipe Pattern)’.

Ycs Computers are able to wipe hard drives either on client premises or off-site at Ycs Computer’s secure recycling facility.

Hard Drive Destruction

For extra peace of mind, Ycs Compuuters offer an onsite hard drive crushing or hard drive shredding service. The hard drive destroyer is designed to punch a hole in computer hard drives rendering them unusable and impossible to retrieve data from. 


 Once processing is complete, a certificate is provided to show that all equipment has been disposed of in line with the WEEE Directive. This certificate includes a detailed audit of items collected documenting make, model and serial number of each device, along with confirmation of the data destruction method.

Cost Effective – We pay you! 

With Ycs Computers operating from our Yorkshire facilities, we aim to keep collection free of charge. Where there is potential resale value to equipment, in some cases we will even pay you for removing your unwanted I.T. equipment.


Ycs Computers is committed to ensuring more than 99% of all equipment received is recycled and does not go into landfill. We also donate a number of refurbished items to carefully chosen charities and schools in the UK and abroad.

Ycs Computers guarantees the permanent and irrevocable eradication of data from hard disks, without compromising the integrity or the efficiency of the equipment itself. This pledge is supported by a Guarantee of Data Erasure, together with a report detailing at individual asset level, the disks that have been purged of data with our Wipe drive Pro data erasing software.

IT equipment we collect:

  • Computers
  • laptops
  • Monitors
  • Servers & server racks
  • Security systems
  • Phone systems
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • DVD/CD drives
  • Hard drives
  • Networking equipment
  • Consumer electronics


We ensure all your IT equipment are safely transported, secured and logged. This level of processing is designed to give you confidence that we're committed to the correct disposal of your redundant IT equipment economically and efficiently

 Ycs Computers recycles tablets and smartphones, We permanently erase all data from smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems to comply with the most stringent data sanitisation standards and achieve compliance.

Ycs Computers is W.E.E.E CERTIFIED and Approved by Environment Agency

Certificate Nos:  NC1/060776/2016:  CBDU122705:  WEX028710

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Info

Ycs Computers is a community Interest Company founded in 2001. One of the leading computer recycling and repairs company in Yorkshire. The company works with businesses, schools and public institutions. Ycs Computers does donate some refurbished pcs and laptops to charitable causes.


Opening Times

  • Monday  To  Friday  9am > 18.00
  • Saturday:  10.00am - 5pm
  • Sunday:  Closed
  • Bank Holidays: Closed

Give us a call

Phone: 0113 235 0174


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